A Restaurateur’s Guide to Maximizing Google My Business

Google map restaurant location

Looking for ways to maximize your restaurant’s online visibility? One option you might not have considered yet is creating (or claiming) your Google My Business profile. But what exactly is it, and more importantly, why should you care?

2 Realisations Coronovirus Has Given Restaurant Owners

Empty restaurant lessons

No matter the crisis and challenges we face, there’s always lessons we can learn and use to better prepare us for next time. Here’s two short ones that restaurateurs can learn while they make it through the current one.

How To Use Social Media For Your Restaurant

Social media steps for restaurants

In this article we’ll go over a quick rundown of the steps you need to take to fully utilize tools such as Facebook and Instagram to ultimately bring your restaurant more customers through social media.

Social Media for Restaurants.

social media marketing

Not sure what social media you should be using to help grow your restaurant by engaging with your customers? This short guide will lay down some of the fundamentals.

Restaurant Website Fundamentals.

restaurant website fundamentals

So you’ve realised your restaurant should have its own website. But what exactly makes up a website, how should you approach it and what are all these options you’ve seen? Here’s a quick run down on thinking about a website for your restaurant or food business.