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Running a restaurant is hard. Competition is tough, you’re already running on pretty tight margins and long hours. Rent, staff, food costs, the list goes on. But no business, a restaurant included, runs well without marketing. It’s part of what attracts and keeps customers coming back to you. Sure you could do it all DIY, but let’s be honest, you don’t have the time (completely understandable) or you would be doing it already.

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Website, online ordering & integrated Bookings

FoodSquared takes care of all the digital online ordering and presence your restaurant or takeaway store needs. A hand built website showcasing your food, online ordering streamlining the ordering process and integrated table bookings direct into your tablet.

forget diy. we serve you, so you can keep serving

We're not an app, DIY service or something you'll never get to

You’ve seen all the DIY services out there. And they are all DIY for a reason. It’s easy, it’s scalable (for them), yet they cost you a tonne of time. That’s not what we’re about. FoodSquared takes care of everything (well, almost), and it’s all under your own brand. We don’t market ourselves to your customers and we ensure you own the customers you work hard to get. We’re here to help you grow, not take huge commissions off the back of your hard work.

The FoodSquared Menu

The digital menu to help you get and retain more customers

Online Ordering

Online ordering? That thing?
Yeh you need your own. Two reasons, 1 — we’re sure you like owning your customers and 2 — no commissions.

The detail

While you may have 3rd party delivery apps they shouldn't replace having your own branded and dedicated online ordering system. Save on per transaction commissions, own your customers and reduce the chance they order elsewhere.
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There's simply no excuse not to have a respectable, professional website in 2020. It doesn't have to be over-done, but first impressions count.

The detail

Choose from one of our templates and we'll create your own impressive website that encourages prospective customers to book a table or order takeaway. Our online booking widget ties directly into your new online ordering app.
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Local SEO

Who hasn't Google'd looking for a restaurant, ever? No one. Exactly. Which is why at minimum having your local SEO sorted is so important to get those hungry last minute diners.

The detail

We SEO optimise your website for local search terms and optimise your Google My Business page to pick up those customers looking to eat local.
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We’ll have you set up in 3 days or less. Usually quicker. It depends on the number of restaurants we currently have in the queue. However we aim to have you up in 2 days, assuming we get all the information from you that we need. 

You’re not locked into a contract and there’s no setup fee. Because of this we’re obviously working hard to ensure you stay around and get the most value out of what we offer.

Our service is completely done for you. So you don’t have to do a thing (except deal with more customers). The only work you need to do is provide us your monthly promotions (for your promotional material), photos of your food and any other material that can help us promote your restaurant online (we’ll give you some ideas). Oh and you’ll also need to get a tablet to manage your online orders (or we can organise one for you at retail cost). 

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